Keynote Speakers

9th International Conference on Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction (MHCI’22)
Czech Republic

The keynote speakers for the 9th International Conference on Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction (MHCI’22) will be announced shortly! Thank you for your patience.

Dr. Roy Eagleson

Dr. Roy Eagleson
Western University, Canada
Keynote Speaker

Roy Eagleson is Professor of Engineering at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, is a Core Member of the UWO Brain and Mind Institute, and is a Scientist and Principal Investigator at CSTAR, the Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics centre. His 1992 PhD was supervised by Zenon Pylyshyn at the Centre for Cognitive Science, and he did post-doctoral research at the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science.His closest collaborating labs at UWO are directed by Terry Peters, Sandrine de Ribaupierre, Rajni Patel and Christopher Schlachta (CSTAR), and Mel Goodale (BMI). Professor Eagleson has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in Human-Computer Interface Design for the past two decades. His research programme is funded by Canadian Federal agencies (NSERC, CFI) as well as provincial agencies (OCE, Mitacs), and has been a visiting researcher at the Augmented Reality labs in Munich (with Nassir Navab and Philipp Fuernstahl) and Rennes (with Pierre Jannin).

Eagleson’s research involves the formulation of Multimedia User Interface Design and Evaluation methodologies for Medical Image
Visualization, and Computer-Assisted Surgical Interventions. His research in Canada is supported by the NSERC Discovery Grants program,
MITACS, and by the Epic Games MegaGrants program.

Topic of Keynote: Multimedia Augmented and Virtual Reality Human-Computer Interfaces
Keynote Abstract